Wordsmith. Wanderer. Mother Nature’s child. Novice photographer. Expert nothing.

In the era before cable TV, children of my age were introduced to a stooping, wise old man every Sunday morning on Doordarshan. This man narrated tales of magic, mysticism and wonderful fantasy to his puppet parrot companion. Tales spanning the deserts of Arabian nights, the deep, dark secrets hidden by the Brothers Grimm and the mystical creatures of the Indian subcontinent. A traveler at heart, searching for stories and fables, he tucked them away in his potli – his bag. That’s how he got his name: Potli Baba.

I’ve asked Potli Baba to lend his wisdom to me. He will be my companion on my journeys, documenting them on this blog and helping me collect experiences, stories and fables to weave into posts full of the wonders of travelling.


I’m a talker when it comes to travel, so if you’d like to start a conversation, feel free to get in touch with me on nabila.tazyeen@gmail.com. If you’re in the same city, we can even meet up for a steaming cup of tea, some finger-licking food or desserts!

24 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. How fascinating this blog is. This is the second time I am reading it. The nature of your writings are so soulful.

  2. Chanced upon your blog when I was googling potli baba….love your pics and your freedom…and the biker girl bit…

  3. Hey found your blog through Madhusmita’s dreamz and clouds! Love the name and your writing :) I also remember being hooked to Potli baba ki on doordarshan long before the advent of cable TV!


  4. i loved the tea estates where my father was manager prospect estate born there on day before we left i sat under mulberry tree for hours wishing to stay but when your 12 dont have any choice some day i will be back—that car is a 54 hillman minx bye.

  5. Really?!? Yay! I would love that *Starry eyed* I’m off mid-May for a spot of travelling myself…it has been long…way too long. Your blog inspires me to do more of it and I hope to. I’ll tell you if i can keep up :)

    1. I’m off almost mid-May too! I’d say it’s been a long time since i travelled, but the ‘long’ is muchly subjective because my last trip was in March. :P But i’m really, really, really looking forward to my upcoming trip. Good luck with your travel plans. I hope you do plenty of it. :)

    1. Thank you. I’m going to be contributing a lot more on this blog, so you’ll have plenty more to read. :) Maybe some day, if we meet and hit it off, we could go travelling too. :)

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