On a nippy-sunny morning in Kodaikanal, I sat on a bench overlooking the valley at Villa Retreat with a Nikon D40, all set to shoot the clouds looming over neighbouring mountains. Suddenly, I felt an itch to take a shot of the bench I was sitting on. So I did. When I saw the image I had shot, I had goosebumps all over till I realised that the shadow was mine.

The photographer: All pictures on this blog, including those that appear in the header, are taken by me, unless indicated otherwise in the description of the image.

Camera(s): A borrowed Nikon D40 (standard lens); Nikon D3000 (standard and 70-300mm manual telephoto lenses); and Minolta point-and-shoot. Chances are, you could stumble across some that have been shot with my Sony Ericsson J10i2 phone camera as well.

Image editing: I don’t edit my images. I don’t use any editing tools, except for crop and B&W images, and even this is very, very, very rare. When I crop images, I say so. What you see is how they came out of the camera.

Permission to use: I’d love it if you used my pictures, but before you do, please shoot an email to nabila.tazyeen@gmail.com or leave me a comment. If you still think you know better and go ahead and use the images without asking me first (which I wouldn’t recommend doing at all; there’s a reason I’m nicknamed Sugar-coated Aspirin!), please acknowledge that they come from The Adventures of Potli Baba and that they are taken by me.

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