April 26, 2017

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog and posted about amazing places I’ve seen. I will do it the minute I have some time to breathe and am not travelling.

My time these days is divided between work and home, mostly.

I live and breathe brands, clients, operations, (a healthy amount of) creative direction, brand strategy, presentations to owners of organisations, team reviews, meetings, meetings with clients in different cities…

And when I’m not doing that, I’m mostly so out of time and energy that I’m just sleeping in or vegetating. Friends have come close to disowning me!

It’s not all bad, though. Professionally, I’m in a much stronger place now than I was over two years ago. I have learnt a lot more. I travelled too – a last-minute totally impromptu holiday in Scotland, a planned holiday in Dubai, a couple of trips to Delhi (work), Mysore, Mumbai, Chennai… a whole lot of revelations, moving into my own place, having open adult conversations with parents, small biking trips, big holiday plans…

I even managed to squeeze in a certification course in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. I’m also thinking and formulating Plan Bs for the future: answers to many, many ‘what happens if’.

I am fairly active on Instagram, though. It’s much easier to post pictures on-the-go than write about my travel experiences, even though the latter is much more rewarding – I get to interact with all the people who have been following this blog!

I promise I’ll try and work out a model where I can be regular on the blog. Until then, I’ll keep posting updates on what I’m upto!

P.S: This is me, now.

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