Masinagudi from the Safari centre.

At the junction of

Nece Road, we meet early to

ride high with the wind.


Golden butter melts

Over soft, fluffy idlis –

Breakfast at Bidadi

Piping hot Tatte (South Indian for plate) Idlis and crisp golden vadas at the famous Shree Renukamba hotel.
Piping hot Tatte (South Indian for plate) Idlis and crisp golden vadas at the famous Shree Renukamba hotel.

The lull of the wind

whooshing past, rocks you to sleep;

The jungle wakes you.


Dry, brown crackling grass;

Not a leaf moves in the air,

Nor an animal.


Except, wait, what is

that in the distance? Oh! A

lone tusker, walking!


At Tiger Paws,

We all arrive, tired and tanned.

Lunch, and then the safari.


Deep inside we go,

Hoping for tigers. But there

are only peacocks.


Some bison, a hurt

elephant calf, eating slow.

…The safari ends.


The jungle’s quiet,

Like your mind; clear, like your thoughts

amid deep blue hills.


Maybe the jungle’s

plan is to keep you coming

back to see fauna.

Maybe the plan is

to share the stillness of the

tigers’ home with you.


That’s why, cat or not

When the jungle calls, answer

with a smile and go.


Getting there: Masinagudi is approximately a 6-hour drive from Bangalore. The roads are nice and the drive through the forest is brilliant. I’m not sure about buses plying to the place, but i guess there will be.

Go if: You love jungles, wildlife, nature, need some solitude and quiet time.

14 thoughts on “Masinagudi: A jungle Haiku

  1. i never get tired of reading ur posts again & again, now seeing the pics again & again :)

    Nice work potli baba :)

    ps: do you have a twitter handle which i can tag when sharing this on twitter?

  2. Beautiful post, as always! :)

    I LOVED Masinagudi the first time (and the only time) we visited a couple of years back. We stayed at a resort called Glen View, and it was lovely! :) Couldn’t spot any animals in the jungle safari, though, except for some Malabar squirrels and some deer. Returned home happy and refreshed, however. :)

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