My ride across Bhutan was fantastic, but the posts are taking longer than expected because of one simple and selfish (but big) reason: I’m reluctant to share anything about that country with anybody. It’s so beautiful, pristine and perfect, and I want Bhutan to stay that way. I’m also a traveller, though, so I know I must write about it. So, while I deal with the sadness that I am compelled in my role as a wanderer to share my Bhutan experiences with you, I’m leaving you with a preview of what you can expect (and why my selfishness is justified – to some extent, at least).

The video is a mish-mash of a few videos I shot while riding through clouds and over mountains and alongside stupas, so it’s a bit shaky. But it will give you an idea of what The Land of the Thunder Dragon is like.

Hoping that this will keep you satisfied for a few days (till I get my posts up),
The Nebulous One

Put together using Windows Movie Maker.

Shot on: Sony Xperia Tipo phone camera.

Track used in the video: ‘Lost’ by Greg Gibbs (more of his music here), via Free Music Archive.

8 thoughts on ““Tashi Delek, Bhutan.”:A Preview.

  1. Bhutan?! Wow! The name has always held the significance of a mystical, charming, old-world, magical place in my mind. Would love to visit someday!

    I am unable to view the video. :( Would love to see it. Any way I can see it?

    I can so relate to your reluctance to share anything about a place you have visited, because you want it to stay pristine and untramelled.

    1. Hey TGND,

      You’re right, Bhutan is mystical and magical and belongs in the old world. You’ll be hearing more about it from me soon. :)

      Do you want to try playing the video through Google Chrome? May help.

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