Kanteerva Stadium, Bangalore. As seen from Skyye, U.B City. Up on thenebulousone’s Instagram.

After many months of warding off temptation, I decided to take the plunge and get on Instagram. I figured, anything to help you wonderful people travel with me as I go hopping across towns and countries.

Be warned about two things, though:

  1. The picture quality currently may not be great. My Smart phone ain’t so smart when it comes to photography, because I’m not a big spender on phones. I have a measly 2 point-something megapixel camera and I’m still trying to figure out how the whole DSLR camera-to-phone/Instagram thing works. Hopefully, because I want to take equally good pictures with my phone, I will be upgrading soonly. (P.S: Any recommendations on which phone I must buy are welcome. Although if the phone you suggest costs as much as a weekend in, say, Andaman or one of the many Indian exotic locations, then you’ll know which option I’ll choose!)
  2. I may post some random stuff. Believe me when I say that I’m trying to be very disciplined about the whole thing – keeping pictures authentic whenever possible and restricting them to travel/cityscapes/foodadventures. The darn app is like a virus, but. Now everything I see around me, I want to shoot, apply an effect to and post. The battle between behaving and letting go is a tough one, but so far the former has won. Sometimes, though, you will find a slip-up. Here and there. Now and then. Of this and that.

So now you know, all you have to do is follow me @thenebulousone. Here’s to more journeys together in real-time!

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